Mushrooms and Sunflowers – unlikely bedfellows

IMG_5675.JPGFor Over the last month or so, we have had a feast of mushrooms: Pine mushrooms (the orange ones above) – sometimes known as Saffron Milk Caps or Orange Fly Capscaps, and Field mushrooms (the brown ones below).IMG_5662.JPG

The pine mushrooms are a delicious, nutty type of mushroom with a great texture – amazing in risotto. We have been selling these at Rose Street Pantry in Fitzroy – there should be some available every Monday until the end of the mushrooming season.

Oddly enough though, at the same time as harvesting mushrooms, our sunflowers were truly in bloom – (climate change deniers please explain…). We had to pull the sunflowers up to make way for our garlic – which we have just planted. It will be around late November when we next harvest the garlic.


With the sunflowers, we are drying them to harvest the seeds:



These could be delicious – or a mouldy disaster. It remains to be seen…

Next up – Olives!



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