First Harvest

This November, we harvested our very first crop of Australian Purple garlic. We planted back in March in chemical free soil (30 years chemical free) without pesticides.  The braids have been hanging in the top of the Red Barn for a month now, and we have just started sampling. Oh my! This is very good garlic indeed (and having lived in Italy, I am a total fusspot when it comes to the quality of garlic).

So if you’d like some – we are selling by the bunch.

img_4228This is a photo of the crop hanging just after being hand pulled from the garlic bed.

December-February prices:

$28 mediums (12 bulbs approx)

$22 smalls (16 bulbs approx)

$16 littlies (16 bulbs approx)

How do you store the garlic plaits

The plaits look so beautiful hanging in the kitchen or pantry – and it’s the best way to store garlic. Make sure you keep your garlic away from direct sunlight, steam and heat.

How do you use it?

To use a bulb just gently twist and remove it from the the plait. If you take the bulbs from the top of the plait first, then you keep the plait aesthetic for longer.  If you want just a clove, use your fingernails or a blunt knife to remove a one.

How did we grow it?

We grew our garlic using permaculture principles, complete with kale and beetroot growing alongside the garlic beds. Our garlic grew naturally without artificial anythings, in gorgeous alkaline soil near pink salt lakes. As a result our garlic has all the health properties of the very best garlic – and tastes awesome!

How can you purchase some garlic?

Hit the contact page and send us an email–  we can mail garlic to you (postage costs additional).

Please note: Fresh garlic quarantine restrictions apply to WA and Tasmania – so we can’t send to you unfortunately…

When do we deliver?

Due to our rural location we dispatch orders Monday – Wednesdays only. Orders received after 12pm on Wednesday will be posted on the following Monday. Won’t take long though – garlic will be with you in no time.

If you’re heading out West in Victoria, drop us a line and swing by. Buy at the farm door and check out the farm (and we’ll make you a splendid cup of tea).

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